According to a report “The Future is predictable” that was issued by an international company SITA, a leading developer of information technologies for air transport, airlines and airports are investing in technology that will allow to predict future events and, therefore, to prepare for them.

The study says how through the introduction of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, predictive analytics, and other advanced technology air transport industry will fight with faults in the performance of the flight schedule, due to which the industry is losing US $ 25 billion.

Despite the fact that only half of airlines and airports plan to implementthe the forecast tools  over the next 5-10 years, some advanced market participants have already carried out the tests of predictive modeling, machine learning and data mining. Basically, their efforts are focused on projects that will provide passengers with the latest information about travel.

During the 2017 SITA Lab, together with airlines and airports will deal with confirms of the reliability of delays prediction and plans to complete successfully five studies before the end of this year. After that, the SITA service list will include the delays prediction algorithm and prevent of failures in the schedule.


Source: CTFS

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