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Ukrainian seaports increased cargo handling by 14.6% to 10.032 million tons in January this year, compared with the corresponding period of last year, the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority announced.

Transshipment of export cargo increased by 30.3% to 8.094 million tons, transshipment of import cargo reduced by 9% to 1.423 million tons, transshipment of transit cargo reduced by 50% to 475,000 tons, and transshipment of coastal cargo increased by 55.8% to 39,300 tons.

The volume of container handling by seaports increased by 30.5% to 48,911 TEU in January, compared with January last year.

State-owned port operators controlled by the Ministry of Infrastructure handled 1.825 million tons (18.2% of the total volume handled by ports). Other port operators (mostly private) handled 8.206 million tons (81.8% of the total) through all berths, including 4.170 million tons through the Ukrainian Ports Authority’s berths.

Cargo handling increased by 86.6% at the Olvia port, 33.1% at the Kherson port, 20.9% at the Yuzhny port, 20.4% at the Odesa port, 16.3% at the Illichivsk port, and 14.8% at the Mykolaiv port.


Source: CFTS

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