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Certainly, when you are traveling abroad on holiday or for tourism, you want to buy some typical souvenirs. If at the same time you still have enough money, you can plan to buy a valuable thing, which is manufactured in a particular country. Unfortunately, not always you can count on the original. Dishonest sellers often try to cheat tourists by selling them fake souvenirs instead of expensive originals. In what countries is the risk of being deceived the highest?



Tourists often set aside money for the purchase of the pearls by planning trip to China. By choosing of pearls note their color and texture. Of course, you want to have a perfectly smooth and shining pearls, but it could be just a fake. The real pearl has irregularities. So before you buy pearls, simply explore their surface with the fingertips. If you feel bumps – you can buy and not be afraid that you give money for a plastic ball.



The hype with gadgets can expect you in Singapore. You will get a lot of offers to buy some gadget for the price, which is much less of the market price. Therefore, having received such an offer, be sure to thoroughly study the favorite gadget and make sure that a seller packs for you exactly that gadget, which you chose, not a cheaper option.



Some tourists come in Thailand intentionally to buy rubies and sapphires. Merchants from the streets offer very low prices, but buying such goods from street vendors, you may get a fake instead of the desired jewelry. Also, remember that the export of rough stones in Thailand is strictly prohibited. Therefore, buy jewelry only official sellers and be sure to save the receipt and certificate of conformity for submission at the customs. 



If you want to bring back from a trip to Egypt real papyrus, then know that real papyrus doesn’t cost 10-15 dollars. In addition, it can be purchased only in specialized shops, where together with papyrus you will be issued a certificate of its authenticity.


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