The normal load can be called any of the categories of cargoes that are not perishable, hazardous, special, precious, live animals. The transport of such cargoes is carried on a general basis and without the use of special tariffs.


For normal cargoes transported by air, there are certain requirements for packaging

1. Packaging must not cause damage to aircraft or other cargoes during transport.

2. Nature of packaging must comply with content and weight of cargo (not packed in cardboard boxes heavy objects that can break, damage packaging).

3. Packaging should exclude the possibility of access to content.

4. The boxes should not have the old marks of the cargo.

5. Cargoes requiring special storage and transportation conditions, shall contain appropriate labeling and prescribing instructions for dealing with them ( «fragile», «handle with care», «this way up», «do not turn», etc.).

6. The cargo must be packed in such a way that, under normal treatment measures (transportation, loading, unloading) it should provide its safety, as well as prevent potential damage to other cargo.

7. Dimensions of packaging should be suitable in size to the cargo compartments and hatches of the aircraft.

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