If you would like to attend an event such as an international exhibition of exotic animals, we offer you a selection of the most popular. We are also ready to help you with the delivery of your animals to any of these exhibitions.

North Carolina Reptile & Exotic Show

The event was founded 16 years ago and takes place in the city of Raleigh (USA) twice a year. At the exhibition you can see a wide variety of reptiles and exotic animals. At this event, you can learn more about amphibians and purchase exotic animals directly from experts.

Exotic Bird Mart and Expo

The exhibition is held annually in the cities of Livermole, Monterey and Fremont in the USA. Here you can find a wide range of exotic birds, as well as toys, food, cages and bird food. At this exhibition, you can buy, advertise and sell, creating and strengthening your business.

Wings Tails and Scales Exotic Pet Fairs

This exhibition of exotic animals takes place twice a year in the city of Gestings in the USA. At the exhibition, various representatives of the animal world are numerously presented for sale, which are allowed by law for home keeping. Here you can find various parrots, small songbirds, royal (ball) pythons, turtles, geckos, salamanders, frogs, various rodents, spiders, etc.

Pacific Northwest Reptile and Exotic Animal Show

This is one of the largest exhibitions of reptiles and exotic animals in the United States. Organized four times a year in Washington. Thousands of reptiles and exotic animals from around the world are exhibited and sold along with expert advice on their care in leading world manufacturers. All the goods necessary for caring for exotic animals and reptiles are also available here.

Exotic Pet Fairs

This is a whole group of exhibitions of various exotic animals in US cities: Hastings, Eau Claire, Bloomington. They can be narrowly themed (purely exotic birds or reptiles are displayed) or with the presentation of various exotic animals at the same time.


This is a major international exhibition, which takes place annually in Riga (Latvia). You will find an extensive exhibition of a wide variety of domestic and exotic animals, an exciting program of entertainment events, as well as an extensive exhibition of goods and services. The event is considered one of the largest in the Baltic pet industry.



Warsaw Animals Days

The exhibition is held annually in the city of Warsaw, in Poland. Pets, food, hygiene products and accessories for them, as well as a series of educational meetings on how to care for your pet – in a word, everything for animals and animals in one place. The program, in addition to exhibition stands, also includes presentations of various animals, among which many exotic ones are represented.

Animal Fest

A two-day exhibition, which takes place in the city of Poznan (Poland) every five years. This is a great event for lovers of dogs, cats, aquariums and terrariums, the most exotic birds and various animals.


In order to deliver exotic animals to the exhibition in any country in the world, it is best to choose air cargo.

The main advantages of international air cargo transportation have a number of advantages, among which, first of all, it should be noted the speed of delivery, safety and security of goods, as well as the ability to deliver cargo practically to anywhere in the world.

If you want to send a valuable cargo, including exotic animals, it is best to use air transport.

D.S.L. company has been organizing international air cargo delivery for more than 10 years. Our employees will help you choose the best delivery option, prepare all the necessary documents, help with cargo insurance, track the entire route of cargo delivery.

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