The seaport “Chornomorsk” during January-May 2019 increased cargo turnover by 20.9% compared to the same period last year – to 10.565 million tons. This was announced by the National Industrial Portal with reference to the data of the Administration of seaports of Ukraine.

Transshipment of export cargo grew by 32.2% – to 8.484 million tons, transit – by 19.4%, to 528.77 thousand tons. The processing of imported goods decreased by 21% – to 1.474 million tons. The handling of goods in internal traffic amounted to 77.64 thousand tons.

Processing of liquid cargo increased by 1.2% – to 636.77 thousand tons. Bulk cargo handling increased by 24.8% to 7,357 million tons.

Processing of tare and piece goods grew by 16.4% – to 2,571 million tons. In particular, handling of ferrous and rolled products increased 2.5 times and 5.2 times, respectively.

The processing of heavy-duty vehicles fell by 13% – to 678,77 thousand tons. The number of overloaded heavy trucks decreased by 6.1% to 23 138. The handling of containers decreased by 2% to 50 921 TEU.


Source: National Industrial Portal

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