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Ukrainian carrier Antonov Airlines recently teamed up with KN Airlift to transport two Max Bögl TSB trains from Munich, Germany to Chengdu, China.

The trains, which each weighed 36 tonnes and measured 12.6 m x 2.8 m x 3.7 m, were flown in AN-124-100 aircraft.

Specialised equipment designed by Antonov Airlines was used to load and unload the trains onto the aircraft and they were secured with special lashings to prevent them from getting damaged during their journey.

The trains were transported for Chengdu Xinzhu Road & Bridge Machinery.

Andriy Blagovisniy, commercial director of Antonov Airlines, commented: “For Antonov Airlines this project was both challenging and interesting at the same time. Its realisation required careful preparation and performance of the flight strictly in accordance with the confirmed schedule. We thank our customer KN Airlift for their continued trust and effective cooperation.”

Timo Kaden, manager of sales and operations at KN Airlift, added: “This exciting project was based on teamwork from all involved parties. We highly appreciate the professional performance from our valued partner Antonov Airlines.”


Source: Air Cargo News

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