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Aviation Committee of Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has forwarded to the Government proposals to introduce a package of anti-crisis measures in the aviation and tourism and hospitality sectors in connection with the damage caused by the spread of COVID-19.

“Aviation committee members reported losses of at least 10 to 15 billion UAH to aviation companies only in the first quarter of the current year,” the committee said.

It is emphasized that the economic impact of the pandemic is most noticeable for companies such as airports and airlines, meteorological centers, aircraft maintenance companies, catering companies and specialized state-owned enterprises such as UkSATSE.

It is noted that the Committee’s set of anti-crisis measures envisages the following steps:

  • possibility of granting to the enterprises of the mentioned branches of stabilization credits;
  • permission to grant leave without pay until the quarantine agreement has been reached by agreement of the parties;
  • payment of temporary disability benefits at the expense of the state in the case of simple production;
  • the right for public airports to provide holidays to users of services for the payment of services with subsequent compensation from the state;
  • the ability to automatically prolong the validity of certificates and acts of flight inspections of aerodromes.


Source: mind.ua

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