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The Republic of South Africa (hereinafter referred to as South Africa) is located in the extreme south of Africa and has common borders with Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Esvatini and Mozambique. The peculiarity of South Africa is the presence of three capitals: the administrative – the city of Pretoria, the judicial – Bloemfontein, the legislative – Cape Town.

South Africa is an industrial-agrarian country, which by all economic indicators is considered the most developed in Africa. Here, the mining, metallurgical, automotive, engineering, chemical, textile and food industries are actively developing. The main industrial center of the country is Johannesburg. Despite the arid climate, agriculture is developing quite actively. Thanks to the use of advanced technologies for land cultivation, South Africa is able not only to provide food needs within the country, but also to export products.

The country’s economy has a very high share of foreign trade income, because South Africa is among the 25 largest world exporters. The main export item is platinum, since the country ranks first in the world in terms of the amount of its production. South Africa is also one of the world leaders in diamond mining, and a huge diamond production is concentrated here. Such a strong position in the global market is ensured thanks to the rich natural resources. The country fully meets the domestic needs for many types of mineral raw materials and actively exports it to foreign markets. The largest export items also include: gold, agricultural products and various types of weapons. South Africa imports food, industrial products and petroleum products. The main trading partners are the USA, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, India, Great Britain, Canada, Italy, France.

Trade and economic relations between South Africa and Ukraine

Among all African countries, it is South Africa that takes first place in terms of trade with Ukraine. This cooperation has significant potential for the Ukrainian side, because it is South Africa that accounts for almost half of all industrial production in Africa. A number of agreements were signed to resolve bilateral economic relations between the countries. Since 1998, the Trade Agreement between the governments of Ukraine and South Africa has been in force. Also signed agreements on cooperation in agriculture and scientific and technical cooperation. The double taxation convention is in force.

In recent years, mutual trade has been showing an upward trend. Ukraine exports to South Africa mineral fertilizers, chemical products, and electrical equipment. Large volumes of export deliveries are carried out by the agricultural sector. Fuel and lubricants, fish products, fruits, vegetables, and chemical products are brought from South Africa. For Ukrainian producers, the development of bilateral economic relations has broad prospects for entering not only the South African market, but also the African region as a whole.


Methods of freight transportation from South Africa

International air freight

Taking into account the long distance, the fast and optimal way to deliver goods to Ukraine is air transportation. The largest international airports in South Africa are located near Johannesburg, in Durban and Cape Town. The main O.R. Tambo airport near Johannesburg serves domestic and foreign flights. It is considered the busiest airport not only in South Africa, but throughout Africa. From the airport in Cape Town, flights are made to small cities in South Africa and there are regular direct connections with Asia and Europe.

Container shipping

South Africa has a long coastline that provides direct access to the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. This predetermines the active development of many ports, which provide a profitable connection with Asia, Europe and America. The largest major ports are Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and East London. Therefore, another option for the delivery of goods from South Africa – shipping. This method is more economical than air delivery. Using shipping, you can not worry about the integrity of the goods, because they are transported in special containers. In addition, container transportation allows the delivery of large loads. When choosing sea delivery, you need to consider that it can take several weeks. Cargo delivery within South Africa to seaports is carried out by road and rail. The railway network in South Africa is considered the most developed in Africa and all major cities of the country are connected to it.

You can save money when transporting a small consignment of goods from South Africa thanks to the combined delivery of groupage cargo. It is about combining several consignments of goods into one container. Such cooperation with other importers allows us to share financial costs together. It is also possible to organize freight transportation from South Africa using various modes of transport.


To send cargo by “D.S.L.” company

“D.S.L.” company provides international air delivery of goods all around the world and also to the South Africa. Cooperating with proven air carriers with modern air technology, we are guaranteed to deliver intact and safe any cargo: valuable, fragile, urgent, requiring special transportation conditions, etc. We will help you how to send cargo from Ukraine to the South Africa, and vice versa – to get cargo from the South Africa in Ukraine.

“D.S.L.” company is fully responsible for the integrity and safety of cargoes during their air transportation from Ukraine to the South Africa and from the South Africa to Ukraine. We completely control the whole process of air transportation and always have information on what stage of delivery your cargo is.

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