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Moldova (the official name of the Republic of Moldova) is located in Eastern Europe. It has common borders with only two countries – Ukraine and Romania. Moldova is an agro-industrial country in which the food, textile, woodworking industries and agricultural engineering are actively developing.

Of great importance for enhancing trade is the development of agriculture. Due to favorable climatic conditions and high soil fertility, many crops are grown here: sugar beets, sunflowers, corn, wheat. Horticulture and viticulture are also actively developing. Grapes are grown both for fresh consumption and for the production of juices and wines. In general, the agro-industrial complex is developing very actively. Therefore, food and especially wine are the most important export item not only to Ukraine, but also to other countries.

In addition, various chemicals (plastic, varnishes, paints, synthetic fibers), textile materials, tobacco, car trailers, electric motors, waxes are exported from Moldova. The main trading partners for Moldova are the countries of the European Union, as well as the Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine. Food products, industrial wood, cardboard and paper products, fuels and lubricants, cigarettes, scrap metal are imported from our state.


Trade and economic relations between Ukraine and Moldova

Ukraine is among the ten most important trade partners of Moldova. Mutual cooperation is strategically important for both countries, given the common borders, trade potential, euro integration issues and the preservation of military-political stability in the region. Prospects for economic cooperation open up the possibility of developing a transport and transit territory with many highways and railways.

Economic cooperation has a developed legal regulatory framework. For example, back in 1992, the Treaty on Good Neighborhood, Friendship, and Cooperation was adopted. To deepen economic relations in 1997, the “Program of Economic Cooperation for the Long Term” was adopted. An important step for rapprochement of states was joint participation in the organization of GUAM.

At this stage of economic relations between the countries there is a “Roadmap for the development of Ukrainian-Moldovan cooperation”. The document provides for the implementation of general measures to develop transport potential. There is also a bilateral intergovernmental commission on trade and economic cooperation. Regular intergovernmental negotiations are ongoing to increase the length of stay of Moldovan drivers involved in transportation in Ukraine. Mutual cooperation is developing to improve and optimize the operation of checkpoints at common borders. Today there are road and rail border crossing points. In total, in recent years, bilateral trade between countries has increased markedly.


Methods of transportation of goods from Moldova

The fastest way to deliver goods is by air. Although, due to the proximity of the location of countries, this option of transportation is not very popular. To minimize tariffs, the services of local airlines are often used. In Moldova, there is the only international airport located near the capital – the city of Chisinau. Flights to the capitals of many European countries regularly depart from here.

Moldova has a fairly good network of roads and railways (the length of the latter is about 1200 km). Part of the highways plays an important role for international transport. Thanks to this, goods can be delivered from Ukraine to the countries of Southeast Europe. Due to the presence of common borders with Ukraine, transportation by road and rail is relevant. The automobile network allows you to organize the delivery of goods from anywhere in the country.

Also, from Moldova it is possible to organize container delivery by sea. Such transportations are carried out promptly to the ports of the Black and Mediterranean Seas, as well as to other ports of Europe. Cargo frozen in refrigerated containers makes it possible to transport meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables.

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