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Recent work is ongoing in the capital of China before the opening of one of the largest airports in the world – Beijing Daxing.

The famous architectural bureau Zaha Hadid Architects worked on the project. The building is called one of the most anticipated in 2019, and the opening is scheduled for September 30 this year.

The airport with an area of 700 thousand square meters will become one of the largest in the world. It will have 7 runways and 78 gates.

The airfield will be able to receive up to 45 million passengers a year, by 2025 it is planned to increase passenger traffic to 72 million per year.

The building was designed in the shape of a giant flower inspired by traditional Chinese architecture.

Such a design will minimize the distances that passengers have to travel during check-in or transfers at major airports.

You can stroll through the airport terminals thanks to the 3D tour on the CGTN website.


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Source: 24 channel

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