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Volodymyr Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine said that Ukraine became the champion of Europe in terms of growth of air traffic in 2018.

He referred to the materials of the International Aviation Forum CONNECT Route Development Forum 2019.

“First you work for a rating, and then the rating works for you. Ukraine is Europe’s absolute champion fin terms of growth of air passenger traffic in 2018. Subscribe to Tatyana Romanovskaya (Facebook page) if you want to know how daily Ukrainian aviation is changing on the example of Lviv Airport, which is growing at a higher rate – 50%! “, – said Vladimir Omelyan.

According to the published rating, the growth of air traffic in Ukraine in 2018 is 24.5%. The second place is occupied by Georgia with 23.6%. The third is Lithuania with 19.2%.




Source: wing.com.ua

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