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International exhibition of antiques in Dortmund, Germany, first held in 1979. The exhibition provides a huge range of antiques, paintings, candlesticks, table decorations, porcelain, historical clocks, jewelry, collectibles.

In 2017, the exhibition will be held 6 times:

11-12 February, 22-23 April, 24-25 June,19-20 August, 28-29 October, 2-3 December.

Each time the exhibition gathers 8-10 thousand visitors and provides 300-400 stands. This is a great opportunity both to present yours products and establish new business contacts.


If you are interested in participating in this exhibition, D.S.L. company will organize air delivery of cargoes.

D.S.L. company is solely responsible for the integrity and security of valuable goods and provides maximum protection throughout the delivery.

Leave a request, request a callback or call us +38 044 360 44 15 / +38 098 150 08 60 – and we will tell you more about the service of valuable cargo delivery offered by our company.

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