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Flightradar24 is a service that provides the data in real time about the movement of the aircraft. By results of 2016, ukrainian An-225 “Mriya” for the full year was monitored the most often.

The most popular flight among the users of the service was the flight of AN-225 in Perth, Australia. Although the service did not name the exact number of observers, Flightradar24 said that “hundreds of thousands” of people have been observed for this flight.

The flight when An-225 have made air delivery cargo of 182 tons, ecame the absolute leader among the users of the service in November.

Also, the return of the largest in the world turboprop, AN-22, in the air became in September the most popular flight. The flight began on 8 September after more than 7 years of inactivity on the ground.

The most popular flight for 2016 was the flight of the Pope from Krakow to Rome, which looked online 530 thousand people, but still about 135 thousand visits flight gathered on the landing.

The main route of each month according to Flightradar24:


You can track the flights directly on the site Flightradar24


Source: Technot

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