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“Ukravtodor” plans in 2017 to begin reconstruction of highway M-24/E-58 Mukachevo – Berehove – PPC “Luzhanka” and the construction of a bypass road Beregovo and village Astey for this route.

The adjustment design and estimate documentation for construction of the bypass route will take about two months. Documentation should be ready in February and in March Road Service of Transcarpathian region may declare the tender. In general, if there are no delays in the financing of of works, this road section will be built in 24 months.

“Right now, this track is quite narrow, we plan to expand it even further in the two lanes on the section from Mukachevo to Beregovo, to bring to the first category and build a bypass Beregovo. Expansion of the route to the frontier point will increase the throughput capacity of the road for freight transport and to reduce the drive time.

Detour will be the shortest way to Hungary from the region.

In addition, it is planned to reconstruct the border check “Luzhanka”. It has to become an alternative for existing PPC “Tisa”, which only has the ability to pass large-sized vehicles in Hungary.

Financing repair and construction works will be financed by a loan of 50 million euros from the Hungarian government. In addition to the reconstruction of the M-24/E-58 and the construction of bypass Beregovo, at the expense of this loan will be carried out four more projects of repair and construction of facilities at the border with Hungary.


Source: CFTS

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