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Delivery of art objects is a complex task that requires a responsible attitude and adherence to certain rules. According to the rules of international transportation, there is a special procedure for registration of the documentation required for the transportation of the exhibits from one country to another. Especially if there are objects of high cultural and historical value.


Delivery of Art Objects

In order to delivery objects of art has been carried out, it is necessary first of all to agree on the lists of items, select the package, make the technical project. In addition, such packaging exhibits require quality, careful transportation, optimum temperature, humidity, etc.


Packaging of Art Objects

There are special climatic boxes for packaging which work on the principle of the thermos. Such packaging protects the art objects from the humidity and temperature fluctuations, dust, mechanical damage. To ensure the required moisture regime wooden boxes are covered with water resistant paint. Especially valuable art objects are transported in metal boxes, and paintings – within frames-cassettes. Each package is required to be labeled.


Packaging Rules

1. The use of the special packaging containers

2. Coating of wooden boxes with moisture-proof paint

3. Packaging the most valuable goods in metal boxes

4. Packaging of paintings in a special frame cassettes

5. Mandatory labeling of each packaging


Transportation of Art Object

For the transportation of art objects should be used special trucks with a climate control system that ensures the right temperature and humidity. Cars with air suspension are equipped with special lift-tail to reduce the vibrations during the descent and ascent of exhibits. Also, these cars should ensure a secure fit of all containers.


Requirements For Vehicles For Delivery of Art Objects

1. Air suspension

2. Lift-tail

3. Climate control system

4. Packaging fixing systems


Please note:

After delivery of art objects you can open the containers only after 24 hours. This time is necessary for acclimatization of art objects.

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